About us

Founding members of this company are firms long time engaged in the business of surface treatment and water waste purification.

 At present we are able to design, project (including construction), produce and deliver and subsequently maintain any technology of waste waters treatment. In order to provide these activities we dispose of approximately 40 experts in projecting, chemical engineering, plastic constructions, computer controlled chemical reactions, membrane separation processes, galvanization, varnishing, line degreasing etc.

 Installations offered by us are distinguished in high-tech procedures and some of our solutions are registered under patent rights.

In some regions our company cooperates with  foreign partners in deliveries of technology and technological units (for instance membrane separations - Rhodia, measuring and regulation - Lapel, plastic treatment - Simona).

For concrete technical planning we offer our cooperation in these fields:

  1. Biological sewage disposal plants designed for sewage and some industrial waters. For high concentrated organic waste an anerobic purification degree is pre-built-
  2. Chemical sewage disposal plants designed for processing of industrial waste waters built in different forms in connection with the capacity of waste source and its compositon.
  3. The above sewage disposal plant types will enable the processing of all waste waters, is it sewage or industrial waters (glass works, paper mills, ceramic industry, food industry, machinery, galvanization, paint shops, hot galvanizing, etc.)
  4. In the field of water economy the experts are trained for laboratories, sewage disposal plants and hydrobiological laboratories attendance, inclusive installations deliveries.
  5. In the industrial field the company is engaged in production of galvanizing lines for surface treatment, hot galvanizing, phosphating and varnishing, inclusive deliveries of chemical compounds, construction of degreasing machines and lines including regenerative and liquidatory ultrafiltration units.
  6. In connectiion with industrial plants construction we design, project and deliver air-conditioning installations including absorbers and conditioning for civic installations (housing areas, hotels, etc.)
  7. After 10 years of successful practice in the field of chemical processes measuring and regulation the Electronic Division has been extended
  8. Minig waters treatment plant 200m3/h fully completed delivery project river underpass realization construction


Podnikatelská 565 (Areál VÚ Běchovice 10A)
190 11 Praha-Běchovice
tel.: 281 861 611
fax: 281 861 611
email: wpe(at)wpe.cz