Chemical wastewater purification plants

For purification of industrial wastewater, processes and technologies resulting from the content of wastewater and its production are used. Each type of technological assembly is desi gned and processed according to the needs of customers and optimized for operating conditions. For production of chemical purification plants, module systems of a suitable capacity are used; the plant consists of such modules based on the proposed and opti mized purification process. Such a module system enables easy conversion of equipment, its extension or addition in the case that contamination of wastewater changes (change of manufacturing technology). Installed capacity can also be added by additional p urification elements if limits for approved additional contamination of released water change. According to volume production, the system of batch purification of wastewater is used for volume production of up to approx. 20 cubic meters per day; in the cas e of higher production, continuous systems with continuous separation of sludge are used. Thus, the exact offer of equipment will always be processed for particular requirements and content of wastewater.

Water purification plants are installed as fully a utomatic, with the possibility to anytime switch over to operation by manual control; after performance of the necessary operation, a selected level of automatic operation can be restored. Prior to the release of purified wastewater, each capacity is equipped with a control liquid trap with a recording device that continuously registers the flow and pH of purified water (also other parameters can be established upon customer requirement). The printed protocol is part of the operating diary of equipment. A c ontrol liquid trap is provided with a cock for collecting samples of purified water. Equipment fulfills all legislative requirements presently effective in EU.

Just like with purification plants, ch emical purification plants for wastewater can be constructed as mobile equipment (on chassis or on a vehicle) to enable quick use in case of ecological and natural disasters; typical example are units for separation of petroleum substances or heavy metals.


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