Conception of problem with water treatment

Afrika-015Conception our water-stations appeared from basic facts, so the water is getting of strategic material even now. It must be managed with it responsibly, i.e. sources use as in maximum possibly volume and currently waters unpolluted again. Hence our unit making use of pressure diaphragm processes. Those processes aren´t inaccurate into a drinking water some next matters and even put out some wastes contrary of classical water-supply processes. They take off only pure water from source. This simple process of cleaning put a minimal pretension to service and servicing of unit. Quality of drinking wate r is fixed and isn´t hang on a dose of agents, which they are determined by tender in classical water -supply procedures. The raw water is separated from drinking waterя by fixed barrier - membrane, it is a next advantage. This membrane is precluding an outf low of raw water or deficiently finishing water into a drinking water.

The membrane processes are possibly used for producing of drinking water from surface, subway and sea waters. Withal this procedure of producing eliminated from water eventually artificially furred of toxins. So the water-stations are belonged of munitions military.

In assortment our produce are water -stations both in stationary design and mobile units. The smallest mobile units bargain for capacity of 140 liters drinkin g water per hour and they are transferable in car. The biggest mobile units with capacity of 3000 liters drinking water per hour and they are in container on gear and it is possibly transport to behind of cross -country car. This variant passed even a military exams NATO by training in our republic. Those mobile units are stool even in conditions of natural disasters, when it supported rescue teams and populations.

On basic of enquiry with quality source and demand for produce of drinking water we proposed and made unit, that it is optimized for existent application method.

It is possible for using in seaboards adapted of unit to dimension terms that appeared from construction of float.04290003

In case of your interest in concrete design of unit for you, we like to work up a concrete offer with price specification and with calculation of costs, which are very positive in comparison to classic water-supply process.

We can offer a combination of water-supply with biological sewage works for places with lasting absen ce of water. It is enable a recycling of drinking water and supply water by this combination.

Those technical resolutions are the product of our development centre and they are bestrewed with security patent of company W.P.E. a.s.


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